Goat Sales Contract~ In Clover Nigerians

I do not sell goats for meat.  Our goats are pets, breeding or potential show stock only.  I also will not sell a goat to a home where it will live alone.  Goats are very social herd animals, and need to be with other goats.

Our goats do not have horns.  All kids are disbudded.  I can't place a goat in a home with horned goats.  No exceptions, so please don't ask. A goat without horns cannot defend itself against a horned goat.  


Registered Doelings:  $400+   

Elite Does (those with Superior DNA records; marked with **DNA**) $550+                        Registered Bucklings $400+                  Wethers (no papers):  $150

$250/up for pet quality/ (no papers) doelings

* Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit of $75.00 is required to hold one kid or adult stock, whereas $100.00 will be required for multiple animal purchases.  The deposit will only be refunded in case of permanent injury or death of purchased goat(s).

"Good faith" purchase agreements will be defined as the date in which buyer expresses intent to buy.  Intent to buy may be established via telephone, in person,  or  dated email conversation.

*You will be provided with an emailed copy of my Sales Contract/Deposit Agreement for reading.  Please ask any and all questions about contract or animal prior to signing contract or deposit payment.  I believe in honesty and integrity in any sale. 

You may bring signed contract with you at pick up.

 I have had to make these guidelines due to the number of people who do not follow through with an  expressed agreement to purchase.  This is to be fair to everyone involved, including other potential buyers and certainly to the goats.  I am careful in placing my goats so that they, as well as their owners, will be happy living together.  It is not right for them to lose out on a potentially good home because someone did not commit in earnest.

  In Clover Nigerians will email you a scanned copy of your signed contract.  This will serve as your contract copy, down payment receipt, and balance due. Personal checks will be accepted on  non-local mailed deposits only.

In Clover Nigerians accepts only cash balance payments for our goats at pick-up. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

In Clover Nigerians retains the right to retract the sale of any animal if there are reservations regarding the safety and well being of the animal.  In this case, your full deposit and any payments made on balance amount will be returned.  Any Vet fees incurred at buyer's expense will not be refunded.

Buyer will:

  • Pay the deposit of $75.00 USD  for one goat kid or adult stock reserved, or $100 for multiple animal purchases. Deposit is due upon signing of provided contract. 
  • Pick up the animal on time as defined in contract.
  • Pay the full purchase price at, or by the time of pick up.
  • Pay for Veterinary Health Certificate (Optional, but required by law for Interstate travel) and fees charged by the vet for the Farm Call and animal examination/tests.
  1. Provide safe, adequate and appropriate means of travel for the goat. A large sized wire dog kennel will easily house two babies or one adult.
  2. I will not allow transport in a loose pickup truck bed (with/without) cap, or loose in a car.  These goats have to be restrained in a safe cage, carrier or kennel.  This is for the safety of the people in the vehicle and the goats. I would hate for someone driving a long distance return home empty handed, or scramble to find one locally near my house.
In Clover Nigerians will:
  • feed, house, and care for each goat kid until weaned at 8 weeks of age.  Wethers wean at 9 weeks after castration at 8 weeks.  (I monitor newly banded wethers for one week to watch for any complications.)
  • disbud all goat kids who are not polled.*
  • tattoo all registered kids with herd ID.
  • vaccinate all kids with CD&T.
  • provide hoof care prior to pick up.
  • give buyer registration pedigree and application for ownership transfer when applicable.
  • provide buyer with sample goat feed for transition diet.
  • supply new goat owners with basic goat care packet
  • *  In Clover Nigerians cannot guarantee that a goat will not grow scurs (small horn growths).
  • **In Clover Nigerians cannot guarantee future height and production of a baby goat.