in Clover Nigerians: Fun At Home in Clover Nigerians: Fun At Home Eve & Bambi 119491092 Bambi "Whatcha' doin'?" 119491093 Eve & Bambi Winter 119491094 Andre Is that clover? 119492022 Evie A young Evie, sniffing for treats. 119492284 Evie Curious girl! 119492432 Kirby "Look, I'm pretty cute, huh?" 119493051 Bambi Pose by the hibiscus, girlfriend. 119493061 Little Miss Bambi What a little doll. 119493062 Evie The Herd Queen takes a stance. 119493063 Evie Look at me... so elegant, eh? 119493064 Andre Future ladies' man 119493065 Bambi I just love this spool! 119493066 Andre & Kirby Boys will eat with boys. 119493067