New Lebanon, Ohio

In Clover Nigerian Dwarf Goats

"Good things come in little packages."

Welcome to our home online. In Clover Nigerians is a small farm located twenty minutes northwest of Dayton, Ohio. Our focus remains on raising healthy, happy goats with lovely conformation, production, and show potential.  We dam raise our babies as this is most natural and nurturing.  Babies are socialized with much human love and interaction, making them ideal companions and great additions to farm and family life. 

A CAE & Johne's Free Herd~ Tested February, 2015...results available to review.  We have no history of Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) on either our animals or premises.

Sorry, we do not offer stud service.

Pre-Moving Herd Reduction Sale!

Ihe following animals are for sale.  Check their pedigrees below for ages.  One yearling doe, not pictured, is also for sale as a pet.  More may be added later.  Check back often or just ask.

1.  Bambi and Jolie Claire ($200 for both)  Older mother and daughter pair for sale together.  They are very close.  Can be a bit bossy.

2.  In Clover's Wee Bridget:  Bridget is a sweetheart, but I just can't keep another pet.  $200.  She is a broken chamoisee with extensive white overlay. Blue eyes. Very lovely!  I don't have the space on this page to add a picture so if interested, please let me know and I will send pics.

Interested in all 3?  Make me an offer!

Baby info. scroll below.  Thanks!

For Sale- $425

Born 5-6-16, buckling "In Clover's Ming Dynasty," a fine, handsome boy with shoulder and brisket strength, a rump angle that smoothly blends, straight topline, nice withers, width, and dairyness.  

Here is the perfect chance to add Rosasharn, J-Nels, and Gypsy Moon bloodlines to your herd. Both his sire and mother have Superior DNA status through ADGA.  His sire's paternal grandmother is J-Nel's ER Dumplin, foundation herd doe for the J-Nels Nigerian herd, and 2nd place doe at the ADGA Nationals, 2015.His lineage speaks for itself.

See dam and sire's pedigree information below.  Additionally provided are parents' registration numbers so you can look up full pedigree information at

Dam:  Rosasharn RS Sakura Cherry - D1690747

Sire:  Gypsy Moon SM Dim Sum Mei - D1733749

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Our Bucks

Wood Bridge Farm Andre, ADGA & AGS registered

farm name~ "Andy"   blue eyes

DOB:  3/30/10

S: Wood Bridge Farm I'm Zemanakal   

SS: NC Promisedland Palbo Abednego  

SD:  CH Wood Bridge Farm Well Honeybun

D: CH Wood Bridge Farm Tiny Dancer  

DS:  AGS Gay-Mor Looney's Moody Blues  

DD:  CH AGS Gay-Mor's RA Nicotiana

Gypsy Moon SM Dim Sum Mei, ADGA registered

                                        farm name~ "Sumi"

DOB:  3/08/15

S: CH J-Nels LY Siu Mai, *DNA*, *B

SS:  CH Chenango- Hills Lysander, *DNA,*, *B, LA 2014

SD:  SGCH J- Nels ER Dumplin, *DNA,* 1*M, AR2011, ST2013, LA 2011-12

D:  Gypsy Moon CM La Sonadora

DS:  Rosasharn BB Chocolate Moose

DD: Gypsy Moon Kat Von D, 1*M, AR2014

The Babies are coming! Available kids will be posted.  They go fast!  Please see pricing guidelines (above tab.)

Free kid reservations!  Contact me about any doe below.  It's the best bet to get you the kid that you want.

Rosasharn NP Ethereal Dragon: August 10th.

Rosasharn RS Sakura Cherry: Freshened, 1 buck 5-6-16 (below)

Fairland Farm Leah:  July 9th

All does are first fresheners, with the exception of Leah. All are bred to RS Gypsy Moon Dim Sum Mei.

Our Does

AGS Tiny Angel's BTTB My Bambina, ADGA registered
farm name~ "Bambi"    blue eyes
DOB:  3/14/10
S: Velvet Acres Bad to the Bone
SS: MK Rabbah MR
D: Tiny Angel's Oh My Darlin'
DS: Morning Star NR Moonshine
DD: Tiny Angel's Bambi's Sonnet

In Clover's  Jolie Claire, ADGA & AGS registered

farm name~ "Buzzy"  blue eyes

DOB:  7/7/11

S:  Wood Bridge Farm Andre  

SS:  NC Promised Land Palbo Abednego  SD:  CH Wood Bridge Farm Well Honeybun

D:  Tiny Angel's BTTB My Bambina  

DS: Velvet Acres Bad To The Bone  

DD:  Tiny Angel's Oh My Darlin'

Fairland Farm Leah Rose Grace, ADGA Registered 

farm name~ "Leah"

DOB:  2/28/12

S:  CH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero  

SS:  AGS Woodhaven Farms Bently Hotwing 

SD:  CH AGS Gay-Mor B Lacewing's Parsley

D:  Fairland Farm TX Cafe Latte  

DS:  Kaapio Acres PA Tuxedo  

DD:  CH Kaapio Acres AD Capella 

In Clover's Eve's Abigail

ADGA registered

                farm name~ "Abby"

DOB:  3/30/2014

S:  Cappy's Finnegan

SS:  Pholia Farm HB Buck Finn, *B, LA                2012

SD: Olson Acres TR Wildflower, LA                  2012

D: The Kiddreamin CR Li'l Eve

DS: AGS Tiny Angels BNM Code Red

DD: AGS Irish Whisper Li'l Bo Beep

Rosasharn RS Sakura Cherry, ADGA registered

farm name~ "Lindee"

DOB:  6/5/14

S:  Rosasharn GX Ringo Star, *B, LA 2011-2013, *DNA*

SS:  AGS Rosasharn's TL Galaxy, +*B, AR2012, ST2011, LA2007, *DNA*

SD:  AGS Rosasharn UMT Even' Star, 3*M, AR2007

D:  Rosasharn PrincesLindenTree, 6*M, AR2013, LA2013

DS:  Rosasharn SH Celtic Ballad, *B, LA2012-2013, *DNA*

DD:  GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee, 5*M, AR2007, ST2013, 2011-2013

Rosasharn NP Ethereal Dragon, ADGA registered 

               farm name~ "Pebbles"      

DOB:  6/25/14

S:  Rosasharn AX Noble Prince *B LA2012-13, *DNA*

SS:  Rosasharn AL's Astrix +B, AR2014, ST2013, LA2011

SD: GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*M, AR2007, ST2013, LA 2011-13

D:  Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle 5*M, AR2013, LA2013 

DS: Rosasharn TL Bully Hill *B, LA2011-13

DD:  AGS Rosasharn Tom's Bit-O-Honey 4*M, AR2005, ST2013, LA2011